APEX Alvand Pars Sepahan Co. in 1384 was founded with the aim of producing a variety of motor oils and industrial oils, with APEX brand, under license and technical knowledge of Shell Co. This company over the past years has a history of supplying tens of millions liters of special oils for major industry of country. Due to the efficient structure of research and development, advanced laboratory equipment and training of experience specialists, is proud that in addition to industrial oils production in the country, highly specialized production that used in steel industry such as protective oils and fireproof and so on, produced domestically and the country has not need to import this product. All machinery production line based on the most modern production methods, chosen according to the latest international standards and has been installed and all kinds of additives will be provide of the most prestigious manufacturers of Europe and America.Petro Shell Co. in the neighboring country (Georgia) is active in the field of motor oil that is one of the relevant brands in this field. Representative of this brand in Iran is APEX and has licensed operation in the field of oil production.

  • Distilled fuel production capacity 2000 tons.
  • Oil production capacity 25000 tons.
  • Hydrocarbon production capacity 25000 tons.