As you know, one of the oil tasks in addition lubricating is heat transfer. For those who are stressful driving, knowing the oil temperature is one of the most important information. To race and raising the engine speed is very dangerous when the oil hasn't reached to operating temperature. Do not think that the engine water temperature determines the temperature of the oil because it isn't. As a general rule, after warming up the engine, oil temperature is generally a few degrees hotter than the temperature of the engine water.

However, the oil in comparison to radiator water needs to much more time to reach the ideal temperature. Many of us have enough reason and logic that at first morning when we turn on your car before the engine water temperature doesn't reach to normal do not increased the engine speed. Taken to protect the engine that is still cold is a good step but only warming the engine water temperature isn't yet ideal time to raise the speed. Because oil, especially in cold region wants several times to heat up toward water. Oil temperature only with engine function in idling doesn't reach to normal but it is necessary to work the engine on the move. To race in idle mode for warming the engine not only is useless but also is cause the premature abrasion of engine. The best way to warm up the engine oil is that after about 1 minute in idle mode, drive slowly a few minutes. If your car is equipped with amplifiers oil temperature or oil pressure, oil temperature detection would be easier.

Risk of pushing to cold engine may lead to complete failure of the motor. May each of us under the circumstances have to drive fast with cold engine but continuing to do (especially in engines that have heavy reinforcement) will be accompanied by high risk. Low pressure and temperature of oil are the main factors for the engine bearings. Because the cold oil or low pressure oil is not doing so well lubrication practice.

The engine that is very cold (even water temperature isn't normal) doesn't produce their ideal power. For example Honda VTEC engine until the water temperature reaches to normal rate; don't enable VTEC system that this is to be true of many other variable timing systems which are a sort of risk prevention. As long as the oil temperature is too low the pressure on internal parts of engine is high and space between piston rings and cylinder walls aren't filled well with oil. So when the oil is not hot enough do not apply pressure to the motor vehicle and let time the car move to reach motor to the ideal temperature. 

When the engine was started early in the morning to hold down the engine speed about 5 minutes and if you are in a situation where the ambient temperature is too cold, wait more than 5 minutes. In vehicles that equipped with oil cooler (which is located between the engine block and the oil filter) used of radiator water to lower the temperature of the oil that this feature is effective in difficult working conditions to hold down oil temperature.    

If you are thinking of adding a new ampere on the back of the ampere, amp for oil temperature and oil pressure will be a useful tool, to measure the pressure on the engine and keep you informed of situations that may endanger your vehicle durability. This is important especially in turbocharged engines or driving on the track at high speed because may be increased the oil temperature to the extent that oil losses its lubricating properties and causing damage to the motor.

Keep in mind that when the engine is warm and worked in allowable temperature range, produce optimize power. In the real world this means that when you are driving on the highway and the engine is hot, front air flow transferred heat inside the engine to the bottom of it.

Never are thought about better timing of your car with cold oil and never with racing or increased of speed do not try to warm up the engine.

With the above items your engine will last longer and you will not many unpleasant experiences that caused damage to the engine.