CH4 15W40

Diesel engine oil CH4, using of paraffinic base oil from crude oil distillation and high quality additives with anti-abrasion properties and corrosion of internal engine components have been produced for all seasons. Suitable for all four-stroke diesel engines, supercharged and turbocharged, design until 1998 and in some cases that is recommended quality level of CH4, used in road building construction, drilling, mining and agriculture.

Features :

Diesel motor oil with high performance suitable for use in marine boats diesel motor, excellent anti-wear and prevents from engine parts corrosion, cleaners and excellent suspension and reduction of soot and silt from motor.

Technical Table API CF Isiri 11378
Appearance Clear Clear ----
Homogeneity/miscibility pass pass D-6922
Colour 2.5 3.5 D-1500
Kinematicviscosityt 100C mincst 15.0 19.0 D-445
Viscosity index 140 130 D-2270
Flash point, C 218 228 D-92
Pour point,C -30 -27 D-97
Density at 15C,g/cm3 0.880 0.885 D-1298
Total base number mg KOH/goil 13.0 13.0 D-2896
Low temperatureCranking viscosity ccs, CP max 7000 at 20'C 9500 at 15'C D-5293