APEX diesel engine oil Cl-415W40 designed for modern diesel motors and ensuring the health of engine operation under high temperature and high pressure of piston. APEX diesel engine oil Cl-4, in addition to having the world's formulation for maintain the engine oil pressure, in which were used additives that neutralizes negative effects of high sulfur in gas oil Iran in the engine.

Technical Table API SL/CF Isiri 13383 ACEA A3/B3/E2
Appearance Clear ----
Homogeneity/miscibility pass D-6922
Colour 3.5 D-1500
Kinematicviscosityt 100C mincst 19.0 D-445
Viscosity index 125 D-2270
Flash point, C 226 D-92
Pour point,C -27 D-97
Density at 15C,g/cm3 0.890 D-1298
Total base number mg KOH/goil 8.0 D-2896
Low temperatureCranking viscosity ccs, CP max 9500 at 15'C D-5293